Equity Steering Committee and Implementation

With the goal of furthering equity implementation at the Council, TAC develops annual Equity Action Plans outlining key equity goals and actions. These internal documents lay out realistic, achievable goals and related action items. Lines of accountability are noted. TAC’s annual Equity Action Plans address various areas of the Council’s operations, including application and adjudication processes, employment, governance, communications and outreach, and organizational culture.

In order to track its progress in realizing its equity goals and actions, TAC conducts an annual internal equity review to measure its accomplishments against its Equity Action Plan and identify ongoing challenges and opportunities.

Equity Steering Committee and Working Groups

In order to steer its equity initiatives, TAC maintains an Equity Steering Committee, which includes staff members from all levels of the organization (senior management, middle management and support staff), as well as board members and/or community members drawn from TAC’s equity priority communities.

The Equity Steering Committee plays a leadership role in setting equity priorities, developing TAC’s annual Equity Action Plan and tracking and analyzing the success of its equity initiatives. The Equity Steering Committee also ensures that all staff and key volunteers are consulted on and informed of equity-related issues and actions.

Equity Steering Committee, 2021:

  • Andrew Suri
  • Sarah Miller-Garvin
  • Eva Hellreich
  • ​Michelle Parson
  • Kevin Reigh
  • Devyani Saltzman
  • Catherine Tammaro
  • Susan Wright
  • Maayan Ziv

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Equity Steering Committee and Implementation
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