TAC Strategic Plan: Arts-Making 2025

TAC’s newest strategic plan builds on our existing strengths, while setting the course for a bold and inspiring future.

Our vision: as arts-makers* we are all city-builders; together we create a city alive to its potential.

Since the completion of our last major planning and consultation exercises that resulted in our Visioning Document 2010-2013 and Priorities for New Funding 2013-2016, Toronto Arts Council has made significant progress on many of its goals – ensuring growth and sustainability in our grants program, enhanced connections with community engaged arts initiatives, and a strong focus on innovation and partnerships.

Arts Making 2025 is both a celebration of what we’ve accomplished, and an affirmation of our continued efforts to strengthen the arts in Toronto through our programs. This plan is not a reinvention of TAC, but a confirmation that we will continue to build off our existing strengths while we set the course for a bold and inspiring future. By 2025 TAC not only aims to be more responsive to the needs of Toronto’s arts community, but to deliver on our collective goal to build a city that pulses with artistic opportunity, excellence and wonder.

Toronto Arts Council believes that Toronto is an arts-making* city. Artists and residents, neighbours and friends, institutions and networks together make this an exciting, vibrant and creative city. As such, TAC exists for all Torontonians.

Four Areas of Focus for our next Nine Years:

OPPORTUNITY: Diverse Voices, Equitable Access, Development and Growth.

EXCELLENCE:  Vigorous Experimentation, Creative Inspiration, Critical Acclaim.

WONDER: Reflexive Engagement, Surprising Encounters, Shared Stories.

REACH: Vibrant Communities, Participatory Culture, Open Access. 


TAC'S Strategic Priorities:

New Investment: realize the potential of Toronto's artists and arts organizations

Strong Partnerships: extend opportunities, reach and profile of Toronto artists

Urban Leadership: speak with a compelling voice for a creative, equitable and thriving city

Responsive Granting: reflect the city, embrace technology and build on success


How TAC’s 9 year strategic plan will affect Toronto’s artists, arts collectives and organizations:

  • Increased opportunities for grants funding
  • Increased opportunities at special events and with TAC partners
  • Increased support for artistic spaces and access to programming in public spaces
  • Increased artistic creation and participation opportunities for under-served populations
  • Targeted support for artists and arts organizations working outside of Toronto’s downtown core
  • Strengthened investments in youth and diverse voices
  • Responsive grants programs that develop with the needs of Toronto’s arts community


We look forward to working with Toronto’s artists and residents to make Arts Making 2025 come to life!

*Arts-Making: contributing to a vibrant arts ecology by creating, presenting, supporting or attending works of art

For questions about TAC’s 9-year Strategic Plan, contact Susan Wright, Deputy Director: susan@torontoartscouncil.org, 416-392-6802 x 211