Toronto Arts Council Equity Framework

Responding to a key recommendation from its strategic plan ‘Arts Making 2025’, TAC's Board passed the Toronto Arts Council Equity Framework in February 2017.

This policy document aims to articulate and codify the Council’s key equity principles and practices.

The concepts laid out in the Equity Framework have been informed by TAC’s daily experience of administering grants programs, as well as regular communication and consultation with Toronto’s diverse arts constituency. The Framework also draws upon the research and equity policies of TAC’s sister funding agencies, including the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council, and incorporates some shared language and principles. Finally, the Framework document integrates current best practices observed in international arts funding agencies and in various Canadian non-profit institutions and sectors (including health, social services and education).

Since TAC views equity as a continuous process, the Equity Framework should be perceived as a “living” document that will be regularly updated in response to the shifting needs of the Toronto arts sector and to the latest research and proven methodologies in equity implementation.

For more information on TAC's Equity Framework and its implementation, please contact Andrew Suri, Director of Granting 


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