Equity Priority Policy

TAC has adopted an Equity Priority Policy, which states that if there are multiple well-assessed applications of equal merit but insufficient funds in the grants budget to support all deserving candidates, projects proposed by artists that self-identify as belonging to one of Toronto Arts Council’s equity priority groups or that primarily involve or serve artists from these groups will be prioritized.

Individual applicants that self-identify on the Voluntary Self-Identification Form as belonging to one (or more) of TAC’s equity priority groups are automatically considered for this equity measure.

Organizations must certify on their application form that their mandate and the majority of their activities, artistic content and financial and human resources are dedicated to one or more of the equity priority groups AND/OR that the project that they are proposing is artistically led or created by and/or involves a majority of artists from these communities in order to be eligible for this measure.

Note that when applying its Equity Priority Policy, TAC acknowledges intersectionality and the varying degree of equity-related challenges or barriers that individuals belonging to equity-seeking groups experience. TAC thus ensures that each application receives appropriate contextual consideration.  

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