Toolkits and Resources

External toolkits and resources to assist arts organizations, collectives and individuals.

Arts and Equity Toolkit

A project of the Neighbourhood Arts Network

On a regular basis, Toronto Arts Foundation's Neighbourhood Arts Network hosts community conversations on topics that are of interest to our members. These discussions help us to understand the barriers and challenges that artists and cultural workers are facing, and to explore innovative solutions. The Arts & Equity Project has emerged from needs and concerns identified by artists who are working to engage Toronto communities through the arts.


Creative Champions Network: Resources for Board Members

Toronto Arts Foundation's Creative Champions Network provides networking and learning opportunities for Toronto’s 2,000+ arts board members. This extensive online resources section is designed to get you thinking about your board, from self-evaluation tools to information on fundraising, legal duties, the roles and responsibilities of an arts board, and more.

Creative Champions Network Resources

Arts in the Parks Toolkit (2019)

Toronto Arts Foundation, in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, shares its expertise animating local parks in this resource aimed at helping community organizations and municipalities envision their own arts events in parks.

Arts in the Parks Toolkit

External Resources

A list of Ontario and Toronto-based organizations that can further assist artists and organizations with grant applications, administrative, or capacity-building initiatives.

External Resources

Creative Trust

Open Source Toolkits (2014)

The Creative Trust Open Source Tool Kits are a compendium of processes, policies and program materials reflecting the most important thinking and activities in the success of Working Capital for the Arts.

Open Source Toolkits