Nominations - Toronto Arts Council Board of Directors

Nominations are accepted anytime. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting held each year in June.

Toronto Arts Council Board of Directors is comprised of 26 directors, including two who are City of Toronto Councillors.

Individuals on the Board serve in a voluntary capacity and receive no remuneration for their service as members of the Board. Toronto Arts Council is unique among granting bodies in that it has a majority of artist members. Artist members on the Board work in a broad range of art practices, including the areas funded by Toronto Arts Council: community arts, dance, music, theatre, literary arts, visual and media arts. Individuals in leadership positions in other areas important to TAC's interaction with the wider community, including media, law, finance, and communications, also hold positions on the board. 

In addition to artistic and other expertise, a balance is sought on the Board of Directors, arts discipline committees, and juries, for representation of a diversity of arts disciplines and practices and of an appropriate a reflection of the cultural, ethnic and racial composition diversity of Toronto.    

The Board of Directors is elected annually by all members of the Toronto Cultural Advisory Corporation. Toronto Arts Council Board members serve a maximum of six consecutive one-year terms.

The Board of Directors is the final decision-making body of Toronto Arts Council and, in consultation with its arts discipline committees, sets policy and priorities. Committee policy and programming recommendations are conveyed to the Board through the Committee chairs, each of whom is a member of the Board.

Nominations must be submitted in writing and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number (home and business)
  • E-mail address
  • Bio or resume
  • Individuals may self-nominate. If you are nominating someone else, please indicate whether you have contacted the nominee to confirm their interest.

Please send nominations to:

Nominating Committee
Toronto Arts Council
200-26 Grand Trunk Crescent, Toronto 
M5J 3A9

By email:

Subject line: TAC Board Nomination

Role and Responsibilities of TAC Board Members

Board members act as ambassadors for Toronto Arts Council, reaching out into the community on its behalf, creating the interest and excitement that brings ideas and partnerships, and developing an environment that supports adequate public investment in the arts.

Board members are expected to be passionate advocates for the vitality, importance and needs of Toronto’s arts community, and to understand the mission, values and major activities of the organization, and champion its cause to the wider community.

 The Board of Directors of Toronto Arts Council is responsible for the overall direction of TAC. This includes:

  • general and long-term policy development
  • establishment of funding priorities
  • determination of  levels of annual budget requests (Grants and Operations) to City of Toronto
  • working towards the achievement of this budget
  • approval of operations budget
  • approval of grants budget program allocation
  • financial oversight – review of quarterly financial statements, approval of audit
  • approval of committee and jury grant recommendations

Both collectively and individually, the Directors must represent TAC in the community and at all times promote its interests and well being in a professional manner.

Directors must be knowledgeable and experienced in the arts, either in a professional or volunteer capacity, and have a demonstrated understanding of the Toronto experience.

Directors should have no real or perceived bias respecting any special interest group; rather they should have in mind the best interests of the entire arts community as an overriding concern.

Directors are expected to maintain an active interest in the affairs of TAC and to become familiar with its programs, resources, clients and staff and to make a significant commitment of time to their areas of responsibility on TAC. Directors are requested to list this position in their public profiles whenever possible.

Directors are expected to attend meetings of the Board regularly and to attend meetings of committees of which they are members. They are also expected to become familiar with community interests within the realm of TAC's mandate.