Information about employment opportunities, artist calls for submissions, office and presentation space for rent, professional training opportunities for artists and arts administrators and more.

A panel of five authors sit on stage at the Word on the Street Book and Magazine Festival while answering questions from the audience.
Word on the Street, Toronto Book Awards tent (2017)

Please note that Toronto Arts Council does not endorse the opportunities, events and resources provided by other organizations that are listed on our site. 

Please be aware that scammers have recently set up false emails using misspelled versions of TAC’s domain name. We have reported the problem.  If you are unsure of emails – note that @torontoartscouncil.org or @torontoarts.org are correct.

In addition to this, a fake job opportunity for ‘Remote Proofreader’ is being promoted on LinkedIn and other sites. If you have been contacted about this job be aware that it is not a real offer – it is a scam. Do not reply to anyone offering you such a position or asking for personal information.