TAC Impact

Contributing to the growth of our creative city

Interactive Map of Toronto Arts Council Funded Activity throughout the City

Explore this map for an interactive display of activities funded by Toronto Arts Council. Select by year, program or location. Note: Data is updated daily and drawn from final reports submitted in the year following the activity. 

The impact of TAC grants

Funding the work of artists and arts organizations has many benefits: individual livelihoods are supported, residents and communities are given opportunities to participate, newcomers and youth are engaged and the economy is boosted. 

TAC grants:  

✓ Promote creativity 
TAC grants promote the creation and presentation of a wide range of art in Toronto. Our programs support many arts disciplines including literary arts, music, theatre, dance, visual and media arts, allowing artists and arts organizations to explore, create and thrive. 

 In 2019, over 3,000 new works of art were created and presented annually with support from TAC.  

✓ Boost the economy 
Funding from TAC has a direct impact on the economy. In 2019: 

  • 20,800 artists were paid by TAC-funded organizations.
  • $91 Million was generated in ticket sales by TAC-funded arts organizations. 
  • For every $1 granted to an arts organization by TAC, $15 was received from other levels of government, the private sector or earned revenue, including ticket sales. 

✓ Increase access to the arts 
Direct funding to the arts means that residents in the city are able to access high-quality arts activities, leading to engaged residents and community building. In 2019:

  • 19,320 performances, exhibitions, events were presented by TAC grant recipients. 
  • Over 5 million people attend TAC-supported events. 

✓ Support arts space 
As of 2021, TAC funded organizations maintain or support over 400 spaces in Toronto, including purpose-built theatres, concert halls and galleries and also present programs in parks, churches, schools, libraries, community centres and non-traditional spaces.  

✓ Support equity deserving groups 
TAC has developed funding programs to support Black and Indigenous artists and organizations, newcomers and refugees and artists working outside the downtown core.  

✓ Build capacity for small and medium-sized arts organizations 
In 2021, TAC allocated 245 annual or multi-year grants through our operating programs. Average grants to small and mid-size organizations are $40,000, allowing TAC to support and stabilize the city’s most important creative hubs.  

✓ Promote arts activity outside the downtown core 
TAC continues to invest in programs that increase arts activity outside the downtown core, providing residents greater access to the arts and supporting artists who live and work in every neighbourhood of the city. Visit the map at the top of this page to view locations of TAC funded activities, sorted by year, ward and neighbourhood. 

✓ Stimulate greater opportunities for young and emerging artists 
TAC invests in programs specifically designed to create opportunities and support leadership for young and emerging artists. Through Artreach and TAC's Creative Communities program, in 2021, 60+ grants to youth artists and youth-led organizations gave over 45,000 young people the chance to participate in the arts.  

✓ Develop and leverage a greater range of partnerships 
Growing TAC partnerships with the Toronto District School Board, Toronto Public Library, Museum and Heritage Services, and Toronto Parks are bringing arts programming directly to local neighbourhoods throughout the city. 

✓ Promote community engagement 
Research from our affiliate Toronto Arts Foundation has shown that the vast majority of Torontonians appreciate the arts. With increased arts activities in the city, engaged residents are given the opportunity to get involved and give back. 

  • In 2019, 25,00 volunteers spent over 600,000 hours working for TAC-funded organizations.