TAC Impact

Toronto Arts Council and its granting programs are contributing to the growth of our creative city.

Interactive Map of Toronto Arts Council Funded Activity throughout the City

Explore this map for an interactive display of activities funded by Toronto Arts Council. Select by year, program or location. Note: Data is updated daily and drawn from final reports submitted in the year following the activity. 


Over 5,000 new works of art are created and presented annually with support from TAC.


18,250 artists are paid each year by TAC-funded organizations.
$60,000,000 is generated annually in ticket sales by TAC-funded arts organizations.
For every $1 granted to an arts organization by TAC, $16.33 is received from other levels of government, the private sector or earned revenue, including ticket sales.

Arts Access:

21,000 performances, exhibitions, events are presented annually by TAC grant recipients.
11 million people including 1.5 million children and youth attend TAC-supported events annually.

Arts Space:

TAC funded organizations maintain or support over 400 spaces in Toronto, including purpose-built theatres, concert halls and galleries and also present programs in parks, churches, schools, libraries, community centres and non-traditional spaces.

Community Engagement:

23,000 volunteers spend over 550,000 hours working for TAC-funded organizations every year.

TAC Grant Programs, Applications Received and Funded: 

Chart Demonstrates Toronto Arts Council's Dollar Amount Funded Versus Applications Received in Millions from 2012 to 2015   Chart Demonstrates Toronto Arts Council Youth Led Projects Funded from 2012 to 2015 increase by 72 Projects


State of the Arts 2016

Following Toronto Arts Council's Annual General Meeting, Claire Hopkinson, Director & CEO, gave a presentation on the state of the arts to a packed room of colleagues and arts supporters. She outlined the many ways Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation make key contributions to nurture and support Toronto’s artists. 

Click here to view the State of the Arts PowerPoint presentation (PDF document).