Celebrating 50 Years


Celebrating 50 years of impact in 2024, Toronto Arts Council is proud to say: “We believe in art.” To celebrate this important milestone, we're hosting a public event and spotlighting stories and people to show the evolution of Toronto's arts sector over the years and TAC's role in supporting our creative city. We're also looking ahead to 50 more years of cultural growth and care. At the core of our work is our belief in the power of the arts to transform, move, inspire and so much more.

From June to December 2024, we invite all Torontonians to think about what the arts mean to you. Together, let's Believe in Art.

Photo credit: ImagineNATIVE, featuring artists, Nanook Gordon (left) and Brianna Olsen Pitawanakwat (right). Photo by Lindsay Sarazin (Director), 2022.