TAC Equity Steps 1992 – present

Steps TAC has taken to advance equity measures


  • Works with CABR (Confronting Anti-Black Racism) beginning 2019 to develop Anti-Black Racism analysis tool for grant program managers


  • Implements a voluntary self-identification form for grant applicants
  • Establishes an Equity Steering Committee to oversee implementation of goals of Equity Framework
  • Expanded the TAC Accessibility Grant – up to $5,000 towards accessibility accommodations for artists incurred during a project – to all TAC project programs
  • Introduced Application Accessibility Support


  • Approves the Equity Framework, which ensures 50% (or more) of the TAC Board, adjudication panels and committees are persons of colour or Indigenous people.
  • Creates the Newcomer And Refugee Artist Mentorship and Newcomer and Refugee Arts Engegement programs


  • Creaties the Indigenous Arts Projects program


  • Expands the individual music grant program to significantly increase opportunities for Black and equity seeking musicians


  • Becomes sole funder of Artreach - Toronto’s youth arts high engagement grant program for youth belonging to one or more equity priority groups


  • Publishes Culture Force report by Sharon Fernandez


  • Launches Fresh Arts, a youth arts initiative, that supported racialized and Indigenous youth


Publishes Cultural Equity by Betty Julien