COVID-19 April 9 2021 Update


TORONTO, April 9, 2021 - Toronto Arts Council is committed to providing accurate and up to date information for the arts community throughout the COVID-19 emergency response period. See here for updated COVID-19 web pages and all prior TAC releases and assembled resources.


Once again, with the third wave of COVID cases rising, the provincial government has enacted an emergency declaration and stay-at-home order. Theatres and concert halls are shuttered for all activities including rehearsal and live-streaming of events. The lockdown order remains in effect until May 6.

CANADIAN LIVE MUSIC ASSOCIATIONORCHESTRAS CANADA and TAPA have written a joint appeal to the provincial government calling for regulatory fairness in the application of COVID restrictions. "Continued restrictions preventing music, festival, theatre, dance, opera, and orchestral companies from rehearsing, taping and livestreaming will threaten the survival of these sectors and the future of cultural infrastructure in Ontario." All three organizations are encouraging artists and organizations to add their voice to the appeal to the government.


Are you worried about losing CRB if you apply for a TAC individual artist grant? Keep these things in mind:  

  • Only the net income from the grant affects CRB eligibility. The net income amount is the total grant minus project costs, including any amounts paid for materials or to other artists or partners.
  • The net grant amount may be divided over the number of months the project requires, to arrive at a net monthly grant amount.
  • For CRB, you are able to earn a total of $38,000 in the calendar year before any amount is taxed back. 

For more information please see the following sites:

Upcoming TAC grant deadlines:


Support for Workers in Live Arts and Music Sectors Fund, is a Department of Canadian Heritage program which funds arts organizations to hire artists and cultural workers. Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis.

‚ÄčContact TAC: Please note that TAC staff will remain available to answer your questions and provide updated information throughout the outbreak. Please contact us any time.

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·    Please see the TAC COVID-19 Updates pages for links and resources including statements from Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council.

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