Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship

Application deadline: May 3, 2021


Toronto Arts Council’s Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship program was created to:

  • provide support for newcomer and refugee artists to develop their artistic practice;
  • support the integration and inclusion of newcomer and refugee artists to Toronto

We define a newcomer as: an immigrant or refugee who has lived in Canada for less than 7 years; a refugee is a person who was forced to leave their home country and is now located in Canada.

The program provides funding for individual newcomer and refugee professional* artists to be mentored (guided) in their chosen arts discipline.

The mentorship application is submitted by the newcomer artist with the mentor as the co-applicant. Both the applicant and the mentor must identify as professional* artists.

*A professional artist is:

  • someone who has developed their artistic skills through training and/or practice;
  • is recognized as a professional by other artists working in the same artistic tradition;
  • actively practices his or her art;
  • seeks payment for her/his work;
  • and has a history of public presentation

If you are a newcomer or refugee artist and you need help finding a mentor or accessing translation services, please contact Rupal Shah.


The total grant is $10,000.

  • $5,000 is paid directly to the newcomer or refugee artist
  • $5,000 is paid directly to the mentor.


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