And the award goes to…

Featured Story: Jordan Tannahill

December 2014

Photo of Jordan Tannahill by Denise Grant Photography

It’s safe to say that 2014 is Jordan Tannahill’s year. After receiving Toronto Arts Foundation’s Emerging Artist Award in June, he went on to receive Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s Emerging Queer Artist Award, a Governor General’s Award in English-language drama for his book Age of Minority: Three Solo Plays (Playwrights Canada Press, Nov 2013), and Ontario Arts Council’s John Hirsch Director’s Award. He was also selected for ARTINFO Canada’s 30 Under 30 list for 2014, which brings us to his age: Tannahill is 27 years old.

Jordan is a playwright, filmmaker, and theatre director who shows a great commitment to his craft. Through his company Suburban Beast, he creates performances which often explore themes of suburbia, personal growth, adolescence, love, imagination, and more. His work is honest, intimate, and often gives voice to underrepresented subjects. Not one to rest on his laurels, Tannahill welcomes new challenges. For example, in May 2014, he choreographed a dance for Christopher House in Toronto Dance Theatre's On Display, a presentation of solo dances created for professional dancers by theatre and visual artists in Toronto.

Toronto Arts Council is proud to have played a role in the development of Tannahill’s career. He states, “…the support of TAC and the Foundation has meant so much to me over the years. My first grant was a TAC grant... I really wouldn't be the artist I am today without the [TAC and the Foundation’s] tireless work.”

In our 40th anniversary year, we are celebrating and reflecting not only on TAC’s accomplishments, but the impact TAC funding has on others. Just as TAC’s achievements are shared with the many artists and organizations we support, each artist’s work affects those who experience it: we feel, learn, and participate in the art we encounter. With Tannahill’s success, his audience and admirers celebrate with him as if it were their own. We’re looking forward to Jordan’s future creations, and wish him the best for many years to come!