A graphic with four people, no facial features, only silhouettes. They are meant to represent the diversity within the Muslim community. There is a green ribbon at the end of this graphic.

We mourn the loss of our #OurLondonFamily; three generations killed by one hateful act. Our thoughts go out to the nine-year old who survived. We mourn but we are also angry; angry that we as a society have allowed Islamophobia to reach these proportions; angry that the ideology of white supremacy continues to manifest itself through violence against racialized communities, Black, Indigenous, Asian, Muslim and so many others. We stand in solidarity with #OurLondonFamily, the Muslim community and all victims of this hateful ideology.

  • We encourage you to change your social media profile picture to this image of the Green Ribbon Against Islamophobia, using the hashtag #OurLondonFamily
  • Use this resource list to broaden and deepen your understanding of Islamophobia developed by islamophobia-is.com 
  • Provide a space/brave space to your Muslim co-workers
  • You can support the family members by helping raise funds by clicking here.
  • Write a Letter of Remembrance for #OurLondonFamily
  • Counter Islamophobia instantly by writing or reading stories on Islamophobia.io, a digital storytelling platform designed to foster understanding between Muslim communities (with the support of allies) and the public. Developed by artist @studentAsim. Email info@studentasim.com to connect further.

You can also access these statements from National Council on Canadian Muslims (NCCM), the Mayor of London, Ed Holder and this video from Imam Munir El-Kassem, Imam of the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, on the need to address hatred. ​