Toronto Lit Up!

Opportunities for Toronto authors to be featured in International Festival of Authors book launch presentations.

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Toronto Arts Council has partnered with the International Festival of Authors (IFOA) to provide a diverse range of local authors with opportunities to be featured in large-scale book launches hosted at Harbourfront Centre, the Toronto Centre for the Arts, and other venues from 2016 through 2018. This partnership provides TAC with an opportunity to support the dissemination of local written work. Funding of this initiative is going directly toward presenting Toronto authors and connecting more of their works with local audiences across the city. The IFOA will engage its growing array of media and literary partners to spotlight an unprecedented number and variety of Toronto authors.


For more information, contact the IFOA’s Eirini Moschaki at media[at]ifoa[dot]org, or visit

For questions concerning the partnership, contact 
Rupal Shah
Toronto Arts Council, Strategic Programs Manager.
416-392-6802 x 209

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