Artists in the Schools

Toronto Arts Council has partnered with Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and Prologue to the Performing Arts on tdsbCREATES; a four-week spring festival that includes artist residencies, mentorships and special arts presentation events.

The festival provides students with the opportunity to explore their personal connections to the people, places, histories and happenings of their city through art. TAC funding of this project is going directly to the artists and arts organizations participating in the festival. Festival activities in Year One included an Artist Residency Program, a “Dare to Dance” juried program, a Student Conference at the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre (partnering with the City’s Cultural Hotspot program), a Visual and Media Arts Exhibition at TAC’s Art/Work Gallery, and mentored performances at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in North York and Young Peoples’ Theatre. In Year One, over 5,000 students participated in this program; 63 artists were given mentorship and residency opportunities in 42 schools, all of which were outside the downtown core. 

For more information: tdsbCREATES


Video courtesy of tdsbCREATES


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