Visual and Media Arts Multi-Year Operating - Mid-Cycle

Mid-Cycle Report deadline April 2, 2024.

For questions about this program, contact Peter Kingstone, Program Manager, Visual and Media Arts

Toronto Arts Council provides funding support to outstanding artists and arts organizations that contribute to the cultural life of the City of Toronto. TAC is committed to artistic excellence, innovation, and accessibility, and supports a wide spectrum of artistic endeavor and a range of activity that makes the City of Toronto one of the leading cultural centres in Canada. Through its support, TAC cultivates a richer engagement between artists and audiences and reflects the City of Toronto through the diversity of artists, arts communities and audiences that it serves.

What does this program support?

The Visual and Media Arts Program provides Multi-Year Operating support to professional1 non-profit, visual and media arts organizations engaged in the exhibition and distribution of contemporary visual and media artworks, support of the production of visual and media artworks and other activities that contribute to the development of visual and media arts, artists and audiences in Toronto. The City of Toronto supports this program through a funding allocation approved annually by Toronto City Council.

Who can apply?

  • ONLY organizations/collectives that have been already receiving a Multi-Year operating grant and are in the second or third year of their multi-year cycle may apply to this program.
  • The first year of the multi-year cycle for Visual and Media Arts Operating program is as below:
    • Service organizations 2024
    • Public Galleries 2025
    • Artist Run Centres & Festivals 2026
  • First time applicants may only apply to the Annual Operating program in the first year of a multi-year cycle.

[1] TAC recognizes that due to systemic barriers within the broader arts community (e.g. limited mainstream presentation opportunities for artists from equity-seeking communities) that some flexibility may be required in interpreting eligibility criteria to take into account equivalent professional experience and contexts. Potential applicants from equity-seeking communities are encouraged to discuss their eligibility with the program manager in advance of submitting an application.

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