Music Multi-Year Operating

Report deadline: April 2, 2023 for Choir and Opera Organizations and Orchestras & Presenters/Producers & Festivals

For questions about this program, contact Rudrapriya Rathore, Program Manager, Literary Arts & Music Operating: rudrapriya[at]torontoartscouncil[dot]org

What does this program support?

The Music Program provides Multi-Year Operating support to professional non-profit music organizations engaged in the creation, production and presentation of music, and other activities that contribute to the development of music, music artists, and music audiences in Toronto. The program aims to encourage long-term vision and planning and to provide stability for music organizations. Funding through this program supports both operations and programming. The City of Toronto supports this program through a funding allocation approved annually by Toronto City Council. The Music Program supports a diverse range of musical forms with a high priority given to organizations that demonstrate a consistent commitment to the development and performance of original works by Canadian composers.

Who can apply?

  • ONLY organizations/collectives that have been already receiving a Multi-Year operating grant and are in the second or third year of their multi-year cycle may apply to this program.
  • The first year of the multi-year cycle for Music Operating program is as below:
    • Service organizations: 2024
    • Choir and Opera Organizations: 2025
    • Orchestras, Ensembles, Presenters/Producers & Festivals: 2026
  • First time applicants may only apply to the Annual Operating program in the first year of a multi-year cycle.

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