Community Music Making

Application Deadline: February 18, 2020

For questions about this program, contact Christy DiFelice, Music Program Manager


Toronto Arts Council’s Community Music Making recognizes the role that non-professional music organizations play in creating a dynamic and culturally engaged City. This program provides funding to support the Toronto-based activities of non-profit community choirs, opera, orchestras, and ensembles that are committed to building community through music making processes such as creation, workshops, concert production, and other related activities. The City of Toronto provides the funding for this program through its Community Partnership and Investment Program.

The program has a three-year funding cycle, with applications accepted every three years.  Applicants submit a complete application in the first year and those approved for funding submit mid-cycle reports in years two and three.


The Music Program seeks to support a diverse range of musical forms with a high priority given to applicants that demonstrate a commitment to the performance of works by Canadian composers.


To be eligible to apply to the Community Music Making program, an organization must:

  • be non-profit;
  • be governed by a Board of Directors or other body responsible for the organization;
  • be located in the City of Toronto and have a significant portion of its activities occurring within the City;
  • have an annual operating budget of less than $150,000;
  • conduct music activities on an annual, ongoing basis either throughout the year or on a seasonal basis;
  • have previously received a minimum three project grants through TAC’s music program (grants awarded through the Appeal process are not counted);
  • produce a minimum of three self-presented concerts with different repertoire in each season (self-presented means that the organization takes responsibility for planning, production and ticket selling);
  • actively engage community members, and contribute to building community through music making processes beyond concert presentation (e.g., rehearsals, workshops, masterclasses, retreats, etc);
  • pay artist fees to professional1 artistic leadership.

The following are not eligible to apply to this program:

  • Professional Organizations that receive funding through any TAC discipline program;
  • Community music organizations with budgets greater than $150,000;
  • Community music schools, presenters/producers and/or festivals.

Organizations may receive only one grant per calendar year through the Music program and may not apply to other TAC discipline programs. However, TAC offers other types of granting opportunities through its Strategic Initiatives envelope, and organizations receiving funding through the Community Music Making program may be eligible to apply to one of these programs. Please consult TAC’s website for other granting opportunities. Applicants to the Community Music Making program may receive a maximum of one additional grant per calendar year and must submit a final report on that project before applying to another program in the Strategic Initiatives envelope.

[1] TAC recognizes that due to systemic barriers within the broader arts community (e.g. limited mainstream presentation opportunities for artists from equity-seeking communities) that some flexibility may be required in interpreting eligibility criteria to take into account equivalent professional experience and contexts. Potential applicants from equity-seeking communities are encouraged to discuss their eligibility with the program manager in advance of submitting an application. 

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