External resources and articles about leadership in the arts


Arts Leadership Best Practices

“The Art of Leadership and the Leadership of Art” by Don McIntyre, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

“How to change arts leadership in Canada: An insider’s perspective” by Rosalyn Rubenstein, The Globe and Mail

“Moving Arts Leadership Forward: A Changing Landscape” by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

“The Art of Leadership: Became A More Effective Leader In 3 Steps” by Young Entrepreneur Council, Forbes Magazine

“How to think like a leader” by Andrea Simpson, ArtsHub

“The arts sector is in desperate need of a fresh perspective” by Susan Jones, The Guardian

“How Arts Leaders Build Expert and Relationship Power: The Two Best Ways to Establish Your Leadership Credibility”, by Astrid Baumgardner

Leadership by Discipline

“Shared-leadership proves successful in music orgs” by Michael Mauskapf, Arts Forward by EmcArts

“Canada’s Galleries Fall Short: The Not-So Great White North” by Alison Cooley Amy Luo and Caoimhe Morgan-Feir, Canadian Art

“Diversity in Art Museum Leadership: A Funder Collaboration” by Jeff Dean, Marc Holley & Drew Jacobs, Stanford Social Innovation Review

“More than a hashtag: Making diverse, inclusive theatre the norm” by Jessica Wong, CBC News

“Leadership Challenges for the Independent Theatre Sector” by Charlotte Jones, itc

Leadership in Community & Inclusion

“Can We Break the Glass Ceiling of Arts Leadership?” by Eleanor Whitney, Arts Forward by EmcArts

“Cross-Generational Leadership: The Future of Effective Arts Leaderships” by Aja Roberts, Americans for the Arts

“Hard Numbers: A Study on Diversity in Canada’s Galleries” by Michael Maranda, Canadian Art

“Asking Questions About Mental Health in the Arts” by Jenna Reid, Canadian Art

“Why Are Toronto’s ‘Big 6’ Arts Boards Nearly All Men, And All White?” by Anya Wassenberg, Ludwig Van Toronto

“The outsiders who got in: Why sought-after arts positions in the country are going to non-Canadians” by Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail

“5 Ways Arts Projects Can Improve Struggling Communities” by Tom Borrup, Project for Public Spaces

“Cross-Cultural Leadership Skills for a Multicultural Canada” by Tim Jackson and Erik Girard, PeopleTalk

“Diversity: A Critical Engagement” by Nasheed Qamar Faruqi, ACE

“To fix gender inequity in arts leadership we need more women in politics and chairing boards” by Jo Caust, The

“Art for Everyone: Approaches to Inclusive Practice”, by Arts Access Victoria