Arts in the Parks permit reimbursement program

You require a permit to present programming in Toronto parks. TAC grant recipients may be eligible for free permits or for reimbursement of park permit fees.


Toronto Arts Council’s Arts in the Parks permit reimbursement program provides reimbursements to Toronto Arts Council-funded artists, arts organizations and collectives working in Toronto Parks who participate in Toronto Arts Foundation’s Arts in the Parks program. The purpose of the program is to mitigate prohibitive permitting costs associated with producing events that are part of the Arts in the Parks initiative.


Applicants must hold a project, operating or strategic programs grant for the 2018 or 2019 year. Applicants must participate in the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Arts in the Parks program and offer free arts programming in a Toronto park permitted by Parks, Forestry and Recreation. The Permit Reimbursement program will reimburse the cost of Special Events permits only.


The deadline to register for Arts in the Parks and have your event(s) included in the summer program guide is April 15, 2019. Events submitted after April 15 may be included online only.

To register for Arts in the Parks, please contact:

Jaclyn Rodrigues
Community Engagement Manager
Toronto Arts Foundation
t: 416.392.6802 x212

Arts in the Parks Permit Reimbursement application process:

Once you have registered to participate in Arts in the Parks and once your event is over you may apply to TAC for a reimbursement of PFR special events permit costs. To apply, please submit the following documentation to Erika Hennebury, Strategic Programs Manager, following completion of your event and no later than December 31, 2019 by email:

  1. the receipt for payment for the Special Events Permit
  2. the Special Events permit notice
  3. confirmation that event took place as planned
  4. confirmation that your event was offered free of charge to the public.  (Note: Although you may collect donations, there may not be any barrier to entry or perceived barrier to entry, such as ticketing or pay-what-you-can for events in city parks.)
  5. confirmation of participation in Arts in the Parks.

More information

For information on how to register for Toronto Arts Foundation’s Arts in the Parks initiative please contact Jaclyn Rodrigues, Community Engagement Manager, Toronto Arts Foundation, 416.392.6802 x 212, or visit

Permit reimbursement enquiries contact:

Erika Hennebury
Strategic Programs Manager
Toronto Arts Council
t 416.392.6802 x 219

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