Parks Permits

You require a permit to present programming in Toronto parks. TAC grant recipients may be eligible for free permits or for reimbursement of park permit fees.

Anyone presenting programming in Toronto parks will require a permit from Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR). You may be eligible for PFR’s free Arts and Music in Parks permit. Information on PFR’s of Special Events Permits can be found here. TAC’s Animating Toronto Parks grants recipients will receive free permits and liability insurance as part of the grants program. Other TAC grants clients may be eligible for special events permit reimbursement.

Toronto Arts Council’s parks permit reimbursement program

TAC grant recipients may be eligible for reimbursement of special events permit fees for activities taking place in parks in 2018. TAC clients holding Operating, Project, or Strategic Initiatives Grant grants for activities in 2018 may be eligible for permit reimbursement. Note that this is an interim measure only as PFR conducts a review of permitting procedures.

Conditions for permit reimbursement

To apply for reimbursement of PFR special events permit costs, please submit the following to Erika Hennebury, Strategic Programs Manager, following completion of your event and no later than December 31, 2018:

1) copy of receipt for payment and permit notice of 2018 park special events permit

2) confirmation that event took place as planned

3) confirmation that your event was offered free of charge to the public.  (Note: Although you may collect donations, there may not be any barrier to entry or perceived barrier to entry, such as ticketing or pay-what-you-can for events in city parks.)

3) confirmation of participation in Arts in the Parks marketing and promotion campaign.

For information on how to participate in Toronto Arts Foundation’s Arts in the Parks initiative please contact Jaclyn Rodrigues, Community Engagement Manager, Toronto Arts Foundation, 416.392.6802 x 212, or visit

Permit reimbursement enquiries contact:

Erika Hennebury
Strategic Programs Manager
Toronto Arts Council
t 416.392.6802 x 219


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