Animating Historic Sites - FAQs

Q: Can I apply for more than one museum/historic site?

  • A: No, the Animating Historic Sites grant application is for one specific museum/historic site.

Q: Can I submit multiple applications?

  • A: No, you can only submit one application. If you are submitting an application as an individual artist, you can not also submit as part of a collective or organizational application.

Q: Is advertising still allowed to be a part of the budget, even though it is partially covered by museum services?

  • A: Yes, please do plan to promote and advertise any public programming. Each site will have very different resources to help promote the work, so you will need to take the lead in the audience development, community outreach and any other PR or media initiatives.

Q: Do the program partners decide which projects are funded?

  • A: No. One of TAC’s two central principles is Peer Review. Our second principle is Arms Length. We are a non-profit organization funded by the City of Toronto, not a City division. A Grant Review Panel made up of artists will adjudicate the grant applications and make recommendations for funding, which are then approved by TAC’s Director and CEO. Each program partner will, however, provide notes for the Grant Review Panel to take into consideration regarding the feasibility of each application, but the panel will decide which projects to fund.

Q: Can my project happen at any time of year?

  • A: Projects can happen any time during the calendar year. Please note that each museum/site may have different hours and days that they are able to be open for your project to happen. Each museum and site will have periods where they are very busy with programming or venue rentals and may be unavailable to host your project during certain windows of the year (i.e.: summer camps, festivals, farmers markets). Be prepared to be flexible in your approach to scheduling. Communication and collaboration with museum/site staff are essential to the success of your project. The grant review panel will not expect you to have exact dates and times confirmed for your application, though an awareness of busy periods is an asset, in terms of assessing feasibility.

Q: Can City-funded Local Arts Service Organizations (LASOs) or organizations funded through the City’s Cultural Access & Development Program or Festivals Program apply for the TAC Animating Historic Sites program?

  • A: No. Organizations funded directly by the City of Toronto, are not eligible to apply to the TAC

Q: Can Evergreen or Toronto History Museums staff apply for an Animating Historic Sites Grant?

  • A: No. Evergreen and Museum staff are not eligible to apply to this program. Temporary contract workers may be eligible. Please discuss any contracts with the Program Manager to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Q: Can projects being presented by Evergreen or Toronto History Museums be proposed to Animating Historic Sites for additional funding for their projects?

  • A: No. Projects being presented by Evergreen or Museums will be ineligible as they may present a conflict of interest. Please talk to the Program Manager to determine eligibility if you are unsure.

Q: Can artists/orgs who are already partnering with Evergreen or Toronto History Museums apply for this funding?

  • A: It depends. Artists, arts originations, or collectives that are independently self-producing their own work at one of the selected museums/sites may apply to Animating Historic Sites, so long as they are not already receiving funds/fees for their project from Evergreen or Museums. In-kind contributions (I.e.: space, promotion, outreach) are allowed.

Q: Can I install a permanent piece as part of this program?

  • A: No, permanent artworks will not be eligible as part of Animating Historic Sites

For more information please contact Erika Hennebury, Strategic Programs Manager: 416-392-6802 x 219 or