Black Arts Annual Operating Program - FAQs

My organization is Black-led (majority Black leadership) but not all our programming is Black-focused. Can we apply?

  • If your organization / collective has demonstrated a commitment to being Black-focused and Black-serving, you can apply. Here is how we define “Black-focused” and “Black-serving”:

    • Black-focused: primary goal of the organization is to meaningfully support and engage Black communities
    • Black-serving: a significant portion of program activities prioritize serving Black communities

My organization isn't based in Toronto but just opened a Toronto office. Can we apply?

  • No. Having a satellite office in Toronto does not automatically make an organization eligible for TAC funding. Organizations with a regional Toronto office must have operated in the City of Toronto for at least one year prior to the deadline. We do not accept post office box numbers as evidence of office location.

My organization is not an arts organization. Can we apply?

  • No. This program is only open to arts-based organizations.

My organization is looking at applying to TAC projects programs as well. Are there any limitations we should be aware of?

  • Applicants may only receive one grant per year from the Black Arts program, so you cannot apply to a Black Arts Projects grant if have a pending application to the Black Arts Operating program. However, applicants may still apply for different projects to arts discipline programs as well as other strategic initiatives programs that TAC offers. In this case, the applicant may receive up to one project grant in each funding stream and three project grants [3] total per calendar year.

Is our organization required to have audited financial statements to be eligible?

  • No. In your first year applying, we only require unaudited financial statements. We have also adjusted the reporting threshold for this program to ease the administrative burden for first-time applicants, meaning CADAC reporting is optional for first year operating grant recipients.

Our organization has not been active in our current year, can we still apply?

  • Yes. To qualify your organization needs to have had a recent history of sustained arts activity of at least two years. Your active years do not have to be consecutive. You will have an opportunity to explain your inactivity in your current year as well as any other programming interruptions in recent years within your application.

My organization is a Black arts organization that is already receiving annual operating funding under another TAC program. Can we transfer to the Black Arts Annual Operating program? 

  • No. If you are already receiving operating funding you won’t be able to apply to the Black Arts Operating program. This program is currently only open to organizations who are not currently operating clients with TAC.

What kind of operating costs does this program cover?

  • Operating costs covered by this funding could include staff retention, arts programming, research and development, communications and donor relations, facility management, COVID-19 related expenses, etc.

What is the role of the Program Manager?

  • TAC Program Managers facilitate the application process. This includes advising individuals or organizations about how to apply, ensuring that applications meet the funding criteria, and facilitating the assessment process. Program Managers attend arts events and participate in outreach initiatives to publicize grant programs.

How does the assessment process work?

  • The grant will be assessed by a grant review panel of independent practicing artists and arts professionals who are Black. After reading all grant applications within each program deadline, each grant review panel meets as a group to discuss, score and award grant applications in a rigorous process facilitated by the Program Manager. The discussions that occur during assessments are kept confidential. Grant recommendations are then made to the Board of Directors.

How will audio or video submissions be assessed?

  • The same assessment criteria will be applied to all application formats submitted. You will not be assessed differently for questions submitted in different formats. The audio and video submission options have been implemented to provide greater accessibility to the application process for those who may find it easier to access the application in this way, and will not affect how the question is scored.

How do I contact the Program Manager to discuss my application?

  • First-time applicants must discuss their application with the Program Manager, Timaj Garad, who can be reached at or 416.392.6802 x209.