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What is TAC?

Toronto Arts Council is run by a volunteer board, volunteer committees and a small complement of professional staff. An advisory panel of distinguished artists and managers further assist with this work.

Operating Structure

Toronto Arts Council’s volunteer board and committees are made up of artists, other arts professionals and arts supporters. To guarantee accountability, City Council appoints five of its members to Toronto Arts Council’s 29 member Board of Directors.

Toronto Arts Council Board of Directors

Board of Directors


The staff of Toronto Arts Council and Foundation are a team of fifteen people, often increased by two or three interns and volunteers, working together to support, promote and advocate for the arts in Toronto.

Toronto Arts Council Committees

Lists of members:

Arts Advisory Panel for Toronto Arts Council and Foundation

Margaret Atwood, C.C.

Atom Egoyan, O.C.

Mallory Gilbert, C.M.

Norman Jewison, C.C.

Molly Johnson, O.C.

Karen Kain, C.C.

David Mirvish, C.M.

Joyce Zemans, C.M.

Investing in the Arts

On average, TAC reviews 1,500 applications annually with grant requests that range from $2,000 to $800,000. In 2010, TAC funded 703 individual artists and arts organizations for a total of $10.3 million.

Other Programs

In addition to the granting program of the Toronto Arts Council, there are many other programs offered by the Toronto Arts Foundation. Visit OUR PROGRAMS on the Toronto Arts Foundation page for an overview of them all.


Toronto Arts Council welcomes all feedback about its programs and service delivery, positive or negative. Your comments may lead to improved services, so if you have a complaint or suggestion, please let us know.

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