Vote for New Arts Funding Goes to Council April 3

Thanks to the voice of thousands of you, the City of Toronto has recommended $6 million in arts funding, including $4 million to TAC grants program for 2013.

On April 3, City Council will make the final vote on the allocation of these funds. Many who supported this action are taking the next steps to ensure this vote is passed. 


1. Email the Mayor and Councillors

Please send an email to the Mayor and all councillors. Remember that effective advocacy starts with a “thank you”; after thanking them, tell them you support recommendation ED20.5

2. Meet TAC at Council Chambers, at City Hall on April 3

A strong showing of support from the community makes a difference; your presence communicates the importance of arts funding to any wavering Councillors and makes an impression on the media.

3. Follow @TorontoArts - hashtag #TOArts to your social media messages

Follow @TorontoArts – TAC will keep you updated by twitter and facebook during the course of the day up to the exact time of the vote. Add the#TOArts hashtag to your social media messages.

4. Share your ideas on where new funds should go

Toronto Arts Council and Toronto City Culture will be hosting public community consultation sessions, seeking input, advice and suggestions from the community it serves. Keep an eye on TAC website, twitter and facebook for information on these sessions upcoming: April 6th, April 8th, April 9th, April 12th and April 18th across the City.

For information on TAC priorities and planning, see our New Funding Priorities document.

Your involvement has been critical in every step of this process. Please participate in this historic moment.