‘Toronto Loves the Arts’: A campaign in celebration of Toronto Arts Council’s 40th Anniversary

TORONTO – Toronto Arts Council (TAC) is celebrating its 40th anniversary year with a ‘Toronto Loves the Arts’ campaign.

As home to almost twice as many artists as any other Canadian City, Toronto’s economy, quality of life and community benefit every day from its vibrant arts sector. Key facts and figures demonstrating the value Torontonians place the arts will be broadcast via social media throughout the campaign. See @TorontoArts; #TorontoLovestheArts; #TOArts.

40 years ago, Toronto Arts Council delivered its first funds granted by the City of Toronto to a handful of artists. Fast forward to today: the city’s arts community has flourished, transforming Toronto into one of the world’s great cultural centres. TAC’s investment now surpasses $16 million annually, directly supporting 15,000 arts performances, exhibitions, festivals, events and creations. Toronto Arts Council is proud to work with the city’s artists as we build a creative city.

In recognition of the priority Torontonians place on the arts, Toronto City Council has significantly increased arts funding. Toronto Arts Council’s budget to support the city’s artists and arts organizations has increased by 60% since 2012.

“This important new funding has given TAC a unique opportunity to create programs, partnerships and initiatives that increase public access to the arts in every neighbourhood of the city, while also sustaining the growth of existing organizations” commented John McKellar, TAC Board Chair.

TAC has further increased the reach and impact of its new funding by partnering with a number of arts and business leaders. In 2013, TAC supported the youth-engaged arts organization ArtReach to deliver $300,000 in grants to young artists. In partnership with Business for the Arts and Canadian Heritage, TAC supported ArtsVest Toronto, providing $250,000 in 2013 that generated a remarkable $1.2 million in new corporate revenue for arts organizations across the city.

Responding to the challenge of reaching out to residents seeking arts programming outside the downtown core, TAC has created new partnership programs with Toronto Public Library, Toronto District School Board and Museum and Heritage Services. Through these programs, artists are animating local library branches, schools and historic sites in the inner suburbs through music, dance, theatre, visual/media and community-engaged art. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is confirmed as a partner site for 2015, and TAC continues to develop new partnerships for the coming year.

In an effort to support innovation and exceptional projects, TAC has also created a new mechanism for artists and organizations to apply for funding for one-time opportunities or big ideas that have the potential to transform their work, or the sector. TAC’s Open Door Funding is a first for the Council and is expected to result in exciting new programming.

For a complete list of artists and arts organizations supported by Toronto Arts Council, see www.torontoartscouncil.org/TAC Impact/Grant Recipient Lists

See Toronto Arts Facts, a compilation of facts and figures on Toronto’s arts and economy, quality of life, tourism and community published this week by TAC’s affiliated organization, Toronto Arts Foundation.


About Toronto Arts Council

Founded in 1974 as an arm’s-length body of the City of Toronto, Toronto Arts Council is committed to artistic excellence, innovation, and accessibility throughout every neighbourhood of Toronto. Through its grants programs, TAC supports a wide spectrum of artistic endeavour that makes the City of Toronto one of the leading cultural centres in Canada. TAC supports a broad cross-section of arts practice, reflecting the diversity of artists, arts communities and audiences that it serves.