Toronto Budget 2023

TORONTO, January 18, 2023 - On January 10, Mayor Tory launched his recommended 2023 budget for the City of Toronto. Arts funding for 2023 included in the budget is unchanged from 2022.  For TAC, this means a total allocation of $25,554,600. 

As we approach the three year mark of COVID-19, with its ongoing impact on the City’s budget, the fact that the arts has not been targeted with funding cuts reflects a recognition of the value arts programming brings to the City.

It is however important to note that a flat-line budget in a time of significant inflation and ongoing pandemic costs will present considerable challenges for the arts community.  These challenges are compounded by an growing arts space crisis evidence by a severe shortage of affordable, suitable, safe spaces for artists and arts organizations to create and present their work.

On January 17, TAC’s Board Chair, Celia Smith (represented by Susan Wright), and new Director & CEO, Kelly Langgard made a deputation before Budget Committee. In it, they thanked City Council for its continued support and asked City Council to commit to working with the sector to develop a new, responsive Culture Plan that:

  • includes specific targets for increased funding for the sector
  • identifies specific measures to address the arts space crisis
  • champions a vision for Toronto as a global arts city that will guide Toronto through the next decade.

Have your say:  Add your voice to the budget process. Budget Committee will hear directly from the public in in person and virtual meetings on January 17 and 18. All Toronto residents are welcome to comment on the proposed Budget at these hearings.

In his comments on the deputations, Budget Chief Gary Crawford indicated that development of a new Culture Plan is being planned to begin in the 4th quarter of 2023.  TAC is very appreciative of this commitment and looks forward to working with the sector and colleagues at Economic Development on it. 


Register to speak at the virtual Budget hearings being held January 17 or 18. Let City Council know more about the impact of the pandemic and what additional arts funding could mean for you. Request a new Culture Plan to establish future arts funding targets be launched in 2023. Click here for information on the 2023 budget and speaking options.

Call or email your City Councillor thanking them for Council’s progress on arts funding to date and requesting that it be sustained in 2023. For a sample email click here and scroll to Email your City Councillor. To find your Councillor’s contact information in the 25 ward Council.

Letting your Councillor know what you think can be very effective. We continue to be confident that Toronto’s Mayor and City Councillors understand the benefits that arts funding bring to the city. Contributing to the livability of the city for residents in every neighbourhood while making Toronto an important international business and tourist destination gives arts funding a unique importance in budget deliberations.