Creative Capital Gains Approved in unanimous vote at City Council!

Introduced by Councillor Michael Thompson (Chair of the Economic Development Committee) and spoken to by many Councillors representing a broad cross-section of the city, the the Creative Capital Gains report was unanimously endorsed by City Council May 18, 2011.

A detailed implementation plan developed from this report will be presented to the Economic Development Committee later this year.

The report identifies areas for new and renewed investment and support by the City of Toronto, along with 33 action recommendations that will assist in achieving the goals.

The focus areas include:

  • Ensuring a supply of affordable, sustainable cultural space
  • Ensuring access and opportunity for cultural participation to all citizens, regardless of age, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, geography or socioeconomic status
  • Supporting the development of creative clusters and emerging cultural scenes to capitalize on their potential as generators of jobs and economic growth
  • Promoting Toronto's cultural institutions, festivals and other assets to enhance the city's position as a Creative City regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Keeping pace with international competitors by making a firm commitment to sustain Toronto's cultural sector and position Toronto as a leading, globally competitive Creative Capital.

Of particular importance, the report sets a target of $25 per capita funding for arts and culture. Toronto's current funding level is $17 per capita, well behind our international competitors: (Chicago $26, Montreal $32, New York $74 and San Francisco $87). The report concludes that culture is the fundamental driver of Toronto’s future prosperity.
The initiative was created by Councillor Thompson and guided by the volunteer efforts of cultural and business leaders, including Co-Chairs Robert Foster, Karen Kain and Jim Prentice, as well as arts leaders Jeff Melanson, Che Kothari and Claire Hopkinson. Special thanks are due to the hundreds of artists and arts administrators who participated in 13 public consultations.

To access an online copy of the complete report, please click here

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