Blog - A Return to Live Music

by Eva Hellreich, Outreach and Events Coordinator at Neighborhood Arts Network

High Park Amphitheatre before the performance of An Evening with Jeremy Dutcher. Photo: Tammaro
After 541 days, we were once again cloaked in song, thirst temporarily quenched.
I grew up in the West end of Toronto. Seeing Shakespeare in the Park in High Park was an annual tradition fostered by my family and later shared with friends and loved ones as I transitioned into adulthood. Eagerly waiting for the show to begin, seated on a blanket with a picnic and discreetly bottled wine, has been a summer staple as long as I can remember.
The High Park amphitheatre is unassuming, moonlight quietly joining the lighting crew and people of all ages sprawled on the grass, curious how an old story would once again be reimagined through a shared experience.
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