Black Arts Grant - Community Survey and Consultation

Last summer, we held consultations with 179 Black artists and arts workers to begin the process of creating a Black arts grant program at TAC. As a first step we created the new Outreach & Access Program Manager position.

Timaj Garad, Outreach & Access Program Manager joined our team in January 2021 and has begun the process of designing the new program.

But we are not done. If you are a Black artist or arts worker, we want to continue hearing from you. This survey is one of the ways you can join us in the conversation and contribute to the program design.

This survey is designed to inform:
▲ Program design
▲ Program guidelines
▲ Application structure  

What we want to know:
▲ Is the design aligned to Black artists’ & community needs?
▲ What are some important considerations for program guidelines?
▲ What would make the application process accessible, relevant, and responsive to community needs?

This survey will take approximately 10 mins to complete. We thank you in advance for taking the time to support this process. 

Click here to participate in the survey

Please choose from the available session times at the end of the survey to participate in a consultation session. An honorarium will be provided to those participating in the consultation.

Reach out Outreach & Access Program Manager, Timaj Garad, at for more information about the program.