Toronto Arts Council Introduces Rolling Deadline for Indigenous Arts Projects

Effective January 2, 2019, Toronto Arts Council’s Indigenous Arts Projects program will have a rolling deadline.

TORONTO, December 12, 2018 – Effective January 2, 2019, Toronto Arts Council’s Indigenous Arts Projects program will have a rolling deadline. Applications will be accepted anytime between January 2 and November 4, 2019, with notification results released approximately 3 months after the submission date. This is a change from previous years, where the program had two set deadlines in the winter and fall.

Toronto Arts Council is implementing a rolling deadline for the Indigenous Arts Projects program as a response to the needs of the Indigenous arts community. With this change, TAC is honouring Indigenous ways of life and practices in solidarity with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. The rolling deadline gives greater flexibility to Indigenous artists to apply to the program at times in the year that don’t interfere with seasonal practices.

“Rather than asking Indigenous artists to conform to Toronto Arts Council’s grant application system, TAC is adapting to better suit the needs of the artists that it serves,” said Claire Hopkinson, Director & CEO, Toronto Arts Council. “As a local arts council, it is essential that TAC demonstrates leadership through responsive granting processes and programs.”       

The Indigenous Arts Projects program was conceived in 2015 following a consultation process with the Toronto Indigenous arts community.  It was designed to increase participation in and access to TAC funding by Indigenous artists, while increasing the creation and presentation of Indigenous art in the city. From 2015-2018, the multi-disciplinary program has supported 71 Indigenous organizations, collectives, and/or professional artists with a total of $734,570 in funding. For the purpose of the program, “Indigenous” is defined as a Canadian Aboriginal person who self-identifies as First Nations (Status or Non-Status), Métis, or Inuit. 

The Indigenous Arts Projects program is the second TAC grant program to adopt a rolling deadline. In 2018, TAC piloted a rolling deadline for its Visual Artists program, which will continue in 2019.

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For information on Indigenous Arts Projects or to organize an information session, contact: Isidra Cruz, Indigenous Arts Program Manager at or 416-392-6802 x 223