Jian Ghomeshi speaks up for the Arts in Canada's 41st Election

From Jian Ghomeshi's opening comments on Q:

"Who will speak for support for arts and culture in Canada this time around?...The arts and culture sector employs as many people as the combined sectors of agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, oil, gas and utilities. Yet the levels of public money, industrial incentives and tax breaks that go to culture are disproportionately low. Artistic success, artistic greatness is part of what defines us as a country… Our artists are pretty much the greatest ambassadors we have. … Not to mention the millions & millions of dollars our cultural industries generate within this country and through exports and tourism…Not that you would know it, listening to our leaders race back and forth across the country.…

"It’s really quite strange that no one jumps at the chance to own the issue at election time. It’s not always life and death but it is about a strong industry, about Canadian jobs, about how we define ourselves and present ourselves to the world. To dust off an old campaign slogan: what kind of Canada do you want? Well, how about the kind that puts a priority on support for culture too. I’m Jian Ghomeshi, This is Q."

Listen to full statement on CBC Radio here

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