Business / Arts (artsvest)

artsvest is Business / Arts signature mentorship training program designed to build capacity in Canada’s cultural sector. artsvest provides small to mid-sized arts, culture and heritage organizations with resources, expertise and training in marketing, board governance and sponsorship along with matching incentive funds and peer-to-peer networking.

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artsvest is a Business / Arts program. Organizations interested in participating in artsvest must apply directly through Business / Arts.  

For more information on artsvest:

In artsvest Toronto’s second funding cycle (2015-2017), 179 arts organizations created 267 partnerships with local businesses, of which 232 will continue long-term and 85% were first time partnerships for the organizations. Participating organizations more than doubled their goal of securing $660,000 in sponsorship over the 2 years, instead raising $1.74M in sponsorship funds from the local business community. Matching funds of $660,000 provided by Toronto Arts Council and Canadian Heritage together with additional sponsorship funds created an investment impact of $2.4M to the Toronto economy. 

In the first two years of the program in Toronto (2013 to 2015), 115 arts and cultural organizations created a total of 254 partnerships with businesses city-wide, of which 239 were long-term and 175 were first-time partnerships for the organizations. Matching funds of $660,000 generated over $2 million in private sector sponsorship and resulted in an investment of over $2.67 million to the cultural economy. 

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