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Toronto Arts Volunteer Network invites you to get involved in some of the most exciting arts events happening in the city.

Arts in the Parks volunteers pose for a picture in a park
Arts in the Parks volunteers (2018)

Toronto’s arts organizations are fueled by the energy of new interns and volunteers. Volunteers get the chance to work with the arts professionals making the shows happen, being part of the behind-the-scenes organization and planning that the audience never sees. Volunteers often get the chance to see shows for free and get to know professional artists they may not otherwise meet. Arts volunteers gain valuable experience in a wide variety of areas, building their resume and increasing their references that will open doors to work opportunities down the road. Arts volunteers meet other volunteers and professionals who, like themselves, love dance, music, visual art, film, and literature. Most of all, people volunteer in the arts to be part of the action in Toronto's bustling arts scene. 

Did you know that volunteers are a driving force behind thousands of productions, events, festival, exhibitions and other cultural happenings in Toronto?

Members, now over 3,600 strong, are amongst the first notified of the latest opportunities to volunteer in the arts.

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